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Small Wonder Training Set Blue

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Small Wonder Training Set is made using the highest quality food grade material and equipment from Germany and Japan. This technology is used to manufacture this training set and is extremely controlled and conforms to the highest level of precision while ensuring absolute quality and hygiene at every step of the process. During their growth period, babies are under a constant process of learning and are exposed to new things every day

It is primarily used to promote feeding habits from breast milk to the bottles, to promote independent drinking habits in babies.

Product Specifications and Features :
  • The first step involves feeding from the nipple
  • The second step involves sipper stage for babies to transit from bottle-feeding and for thicker feeds
  • The third step is the spoon stage for babies to learn to eat semi-solid foods and soup
  • In the fourth stage, mothers can feed babies directly from the cup
  • This training set is simple, easy-to-use and can be used for both girls and boys

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